• SunPro (Pre-Order)


    Pre-Order the SunPro today. Receive a 10% for pre-ordering today, to receive this discount you are required to pay $100 today and when we ship the SunPro we will charge the remaining balance of $259. 

    The Solar Up SunPro is a portable charging device that performs like a charging station.  It has 6 USB ports, powered entirely by a 40-watt solar panel.  It also comes with an AC/DC adapter, if you want to set out with a fully charged unit that will sustain its power and recharge by sunlight when you get to your destination.

    It will be waterproof for transport and storage, and water resistant while in use.  The SunPro is equipped with a LCD display to inform you of current charging status from the Solar Panels, current power availability from the battery storage unit, and power output to each USB port.  The SunPro is ruggedized, to ensure longevity during emergencies and harsh conditions.  The SunPro is also equipped with a 12-volt battery that can store and provide power for up to 6 devices.  All ports discharge at a rate of 2 amps, regardless of how many devices are plugged in.  The battery can be charged by direct current, or solely by the 40-watt solar panel.  This enables the user to benefit from the devices capability, even in the absence of sunlight, or overnight.

    The SunPro can be used for several recreational, business, emergencies, survival, and family activities.  Its waterproof capability makes it ideal for every outdoor setting, on or off the water.