• SunLite

    $24.99 $21.99

    The SunLite is a small portable solar charger that is water/shock/dust resistant with a backup battery. The SunLite transforms environmental friendly solar energy into power to charge the internal battery of the device. The SunLite is perfect for the charging the kids cell phones while they are on the go!

    Just clip the SunLite to their backpacks, sports bag, bike, or belt loop with the carabineer. The SunLite will maximize light directly from the sun to charge the kids cellphones or other personal electronic devices.
    The SunLite is Water, Shock, & Dust Resistant! Our solar charger transforms the sun’s energy into power to charge the internal battery of the SunLite. This way the kids always have back-up power to stay in touch with Mom & Dad!

    The SunLite has dual charging ports. The Dual Universal USB 2.1A output allows you to charge TWO devices at once! The right USB can reach 2.1 amps to charge devices that require higher amperage, like cellphones and tablets. The left port is one amp. When charging two devices simultaneously both USB ports are 1 amp. Battery can reliably be charged over 1000 times!

    No need to worry about it getting dark outside! The SolarLite has a built in flashlight. Just tap the power button twice to turn on the emergency LED flashlight. The SunLite has 4 LED indicator lights that will let the kids know how much power they have available. The best thing is the SunLite will charge on its own once it catches the sun rays!

    The SunLite includes: the SunLite device, USB to microUSB cable, and a carabineer.